​Passion & Talent

Sewing has been my passion since I was about 6 years old. Over the years my passion expanded into a life long journey that has given me rich experiences in the cut and sew industry. My 50 plus years has entitled me to be a fashion designer, custom dressmaker and alterationist. I have created my own designs and produced several fashion shows including my own debut fashion show of original designs. But in the past few years, I have truly enjoyed teaching the knowledge that I have acquired and sharing that knowledge and passion to the next generation. In my experience, the one thing that makes a good designer is their ability to sew and construct a garment professionally. This is why I am currently teaching classes to Home School Programs and creating online sewing classes for adults. 


University of California, Davis- Degree in Design 

Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising (FIDM)- Degree in Fashion Design 

American River College Refresher Courses:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Show Production
  • Computer Pattern Making

Awards & Accomplishments

Over the years I have won prestigious awards for my sewing ability and participated in various fashion events in the Sacramento and Bay area which included but not limited to:

California State Fair, Winter Wonderland, Crocker Art Museum, American River College and the Blush Fashion Show to name a few. I have also produced my first solo fashion show in 2006. 

A Message From the Instructor

I am so excited about my online courses. What you will experience in this curriculum is over 50 years of my sewing experience into 6 courses for everyone to learn and enjoy at their own pace no matter what your sewing experience. I think its Sooo….AMAZING” That you want to learn how to sew, and now is your opportunity. 


1) You will learn the basics of your machine operations, sewing techniques and tools of the trade. 

2) You will get familiar with the language of sewing through vocabulary.

3) You will actively work on sewing techniques and document your progress.

4) You will get sewing experience with each course project and homework to practice and prep for the next class. 

 The courses were created to build upon each other, so I highly recommend whether you are a beginner or an avid sewer, that you go through all of the courses in order because there is so much vital information that could be added to your sewing knowledge base. 

The good thing is that you will have the opportunity to watch the videos as many times as necessary. The more you know the better you get at your craft. My goal is to get you to “Sew Amazing”.

Brenda Holts

Sew Amazing!

Welcome to my online courses.

Beginner 1- Course 1

This Beginner course is for students with little or no experience. It was designed to help you get familiar with your sewing machine and what it can do for you, as well as, learning basic construction techniques. Even if you have had sewing classes before, there is a wealth of information that you can glean from this beginner course. The project for this course is a pillowcase and face mask.

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Beginner 2- Course 2

This course is a continuation of Beginner 1. You will get more practice mastering your sewing machine.  Learning to sew straight is a must if you plan to get professional results. Now that you have some control, this course is designed to help you be confident in your stitching. The project for this course is pajama pants.

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Intermediate I- Course 3

This course is designed to give you more practice in straight stitching and help you make the eye, hand and brain connection. Sewing straight is so critical no matter what the seam allowance change may be. The project for this course is a small quilt.

Intermediate 2- Course 4

This course will introduce you to more complex techniques. The quilting project gave you lots of straight stitching time and practice. So this course will introduce you to sleeves, button and button holes, collars and various techniques to add to your knowledge. We will be bringing some of the techniques used in previous classes to life plus some new ones. This course project is a shirt or blouse.

Intermediate 3- Course 5

This course will introduce you to working with knits or  stretch fabrics and zipper techniques. Sewing knits can be a little challenging but we will learn how to overcome the challenges to get the professional results.

Advanced- Course 6

In this last course of the Sew Amazing series, we will focus on alterations of variou types of garments. You will get the opportunity to advance your sewing knowledge by assessing your garment for the best possible solution without ripping the garment too much to get it altered and put back together again. We will be altering men and women slacks, repairing holes, zipper replacement and altering a lined jacket.


I'll tell you what to look for when shopping for a sewing machine.

Design by: Brenda Holts

Design by: Brenda Holts

Design by: Brenda Holts